Personal Goods

Transport and logistics solutions for personal belongings. 
Geocargo solves your excess baggage problem with considerably lower costs, in or out of Portugal, to the four corners of the world. 
  • Door to Door Service.
    From your home or collection point to the delivery point at destination, we take care of everything for you. All expenses are paid in Portugal and your luggage is sent and delivered to the address you give us. 
    (ground-floor deliveries unless other service is requested)
  • Door-Airport Uncleared Service
    In this level of service we assure the collection of your luggage at your home, we take care of everything until we send it to the destination airport. On arrival you will be contacted to pick up and clear your luggage personally, having to pay all expenses at destination, generally related with handling at the airport (storage if it exceeds the free period if it exists) and Customs expenses
  • Permanent and Dedicated Customer Service

Information about baggage transport:

According to Regulation (EC) No. 820/2008 of 8 August, you may not carry in your luggage
Explosives, including detonators, fuses, grenades and mines and explosives
Gases, including propane and butane gas;
Flammable liquids, including gasoline and methanol;
Flammable solids and reactive substances, including magnesium, firelighters, fireworks and flares;
Oxidising agents and organic peroxides, including bleaches and car paint touch-up kits;
Toxic or infectious substances, including rat poison and infected blood
Radioactive material, including medical or other commercially available isotopes
Corrosive substances, including mercury, and vehicle batteries;
Vehicle fuel system components which have already contained fuel.


You should note that the service we offer you is a little less fast when compared to the luggage you take with you on the plane, in fact you should always count on a period of 3 to 5 days until you have your luggage available at your destination.

For more information contact or Tel. 219497060 (Call cost for national fixed network) or Fax 219497069.

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