Founded in 1995, Geocargo undergone some restructuring in order to constantly adapt to market requirements. Today Geocargo operates all over the world focusing on quality delivery.

Francisco Paiva, with his eyes on the future and never forgetting the experience of the past, continued the project started as Geocargo – Planeamento de Transportes Marketing e Serviços and transformed it into the company Geocargo - Transitários sem fronteiras e sem limites.

Although the company is small, we consider ourselves with a great mind, visionary and motivating.

Geocargo, more than logistics.

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Geocargo-Transitários Lda is a family business that started its activity in October 1995, in an office located at Rua Cidade de Quelimane in Olivais, exclusively dedicated to Air Cargo, being a member of CASS/IATA since then. The great driving force behind the creation of Geocargo was Francisco Paiva.
The name we started our activity with was GEOCARGO – PLANEAMENTO DE TRANSPORTES MARKETING E SERVIÇOS, LDA, with the corporate purpose of “Planning, provision of services and consultancy in the areas of transport, customs, import, export and representations of national and international trade of goods , advertising and marketing."
Licensing process for obtaining the Freight Forwarder Permit.
Change of name to GEOCARGO – TRANSITÁRIOS, LDA and also of corporate purpose.
We changed our location to Lisbon Airport in order to be closer to our usual places of intervention: The Cargo Terminal and Customs at Lisbon Airport.
Full members of the GTO – Global Transport Organization
Opening of our Maritime cargo department.
We started and obtained the certification process with IATA, having our company approved and qualified as "IATA Cargo Agent".
We signed the “Intermediary Agreement” with IATA under the European Air Cargo Program.
At the institutional level, the election of Geocargo – Transitários Lda, as vice-president of the board of APAT – Association of Freight Forwarders of Portugal.
Step forward in the evolution of Geocargo, the first presence on the WWW through the publication of the page at http://www.geocargo.pt
In 2007, the Quality challenge was taken on, showing its commitment to the implementation of the quality assurance requirements arising from NP EN ISO 9001:2008. During this year, Geocargo was considered the Top TAP Cargo agent.
In the following year, Geocargo was distinguished by TAP – Carga Aérea Centro Sul for the greater regularity in its results.
In 2009, INAC certified Geocargo with the status of recognized agent.
Change of premises to a new warehouse in Ameixoeira, Lisbon.
In 2011, we registered the brand e-bagagem.com, becoming the first registered trademark of Geocargo.
In 2012, we became a member of Pangea. Worldwide network of freight forwarders providing the necessary tools to compete with large groups worldwide. During this year we also invested in information technology, migrating to new operating software that allows us to be at the forefront of e-freight, more specifically e-awb.
In early May 2013, Geocargo is the first Portuguese freight forwarder to sign the “IATA Multilateral e-AWB Agreement”.
In 2013 we were awarded the "Seal of Excellence" by APAT - Association of Freight Forwarders of Portugal.
In 2014 new trademark: Geopets; service intended exclusively for the transport of live animals. This year we joined IPATA – International Pet and Animal Transportation Association.
Geocargo is elected President of the Board of APAT – Association of Freight Forwarders of Portugal, being represented by Paulo Paiva.
5th place Agent Top Tap Cargo Lisbon
We participate in the PET Festival – in order to promote and publicize our registered trademark Geopets - a service intended for the transport of live animals.
We have expanded the scope and renewed the quality certificate.
Revalidation of the APAT Seal of Excellence.
Joined a new network, OFN. Octupuss Freight Network.
APP Fly Geopets available on the APP Store and Google Playstore.
Scoring Certification TOP 5% Best SMEs Portugal.

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