Geocargo promotes the well-being of all those who somehow interact with the company.

We are in tune with the development of awareness in societies and markets, resulting from the evolution of individual and corporate citizenship models, which aim at the development of more inclusive and sustainable companies that promote diversity and focus on the respect for human rights and environmental preservation. 
The main vectors that support Geocargo's responsibility:
  • best labour practices, such as the defence of human rights, decent work and continuous training, diversity, gender equality, health and well-being of employees;
  • the fight against corruption;
  • the involvement and contribution to community development;
  • the inclusion of people in situations of inequality;
  • the interests and benefits of consumers.
Responsabilidade social

Environmental Responsability

Geocargo provides freight transportation and logistics services, 
based on principles of Environmental Responsibility.

Geocargo seeks to minimise the environmental impact resulting from its activities, products/services, purchases and other actions, with the aim of preventing and reducing pollution. 

Learn more about our environmental responsibility process:

In order for the waste produced not to harm the environment, it must be treated and used, but we can only do so if we separate it first. It is precisely in this context that Selective Waste Collection fits in. 

Geocargo implements the three principles that constitute the 3R's Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
Responsabilidade ambiental 1
Firstly it’s necessary to check whether it’s possible to avoid waste production, for example by using products manufactured in a different way, extending the product's useful life or using IT support documents.
Secondly, it’s necessary to verify if it isn’t possible to find a new use for that product, in which a large part of its properties can be rendered profitable, such as for example the use of paper. 
Finally, when it is not possible to take advantage of a large part of the product's value, we can try the third alternative, that is, to take advantage of the raw material that constitutes it, in some cases to manufacture identical products, such as the use of recycled ink cartridges.
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We endorse and pursue policies that lead to and fit with Agenda 2030* and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals**. 

*Agenda 2030 is a broad and ambitious agenda that addresses several dimensions of sustainable development (socio, economic, environmental) and promotes peace, justice and effective institutions. 

**Agenda 2030 and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are the common vision for humankind, a contract between world leaders and people and "a list of things to do on behalf of people and planet".
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