Health & Pharma

Transport and logistics solutions for the health and pharma industry.
Transporting healthcare products by air requires a strict logistical approach. 
Maintaining the quality of a shipment requires specific equipment, storage facilities, harmonized handling procedures and, above all, strong cooperation between the partners in the cold chain.

Learn about the solution dedicated to the Health-Pharma sector that Geocargo presents, respecting the quality standards of the pharmaceutical industry, strictly applying recommended practices for handling and transport techniques to ensure the quality and integrity of the Healthcare cargo.

In Geocargo you will find an effective solution with a specialized service to meet the requirements of this sector. 
We ensure the conditions of packaging and refrigeration of goods, ensuring trust and professionalism.
  • Personalised Door to Door Service.
  • Transport Service for Medicines, Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Products.
  • Priority Transport Service.
  • Temperature Controlled Service.
  • Intermodal Service.
  • Parcel Management and Preparation.
  • Global Cross Trade service at a worldwide level.
  • Portugal Mainland Service.
  • Permanent and Dedicated Customer Support Service.
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